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S857 - Inquiry into Fuel poverty


Inquiry into Fuel poverty: IET comments to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee.


Energy prices will inevitably rise over the coming decades. However, higher prices will have a disproportionate effect on households with lower disposable income, and policy makers need to address this by understanding and addressing the multiple causes of fuel poverty. Policy measures around energy efficiency, smart metering, smart grids and related subjects have the potential to make a significant impact on the fuel poor, but it is no longer reasonable to expect energy policy to deliver solutions to fuel poverty on its own. The diversity of the fuel poor demographic needs to be recognised, as does the difficulty significant numbers of this demographic may face in responding to incentives or other measures. These issues must be made as transparent to the individual end user as possible.

Submission Details Submitted on 15 February 2010 to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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