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S849 - European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020


Consultation on The European road safety action programme 2011-2020: IET comments to the European Union.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maintaining and developing our quality of life, has to be the most important and greatest challenge at all levels of transport infrastructure when devising a new transport strategy. It is important to recognise that it can be difficult to separate policy from delivery in road safety terms, but both need to be retained in the toolbox to address the road safety challenge. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) can help to reduce accidents by assisting the driver and the road operator in difficult situations. It is essential that EU countries maintain an ongoing research programme over the period of the strategy, constantly analysing the causes of accidents and developing and testing interventions that seem likely to reduce casualties.

Submission Details Submitted on 20 November 2009 to European Union

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