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S845 - Consultation on developing a strategy for integrated and smart ticketing


Consultation on developing a strategy for smart and integrated ticketing: IET comments to the Department for Transport (DfT).


The DfT ought to be a major stakeholder in the implementation of smart and integrated ticketing. Neither transport operators nor local authorities have been able to implement commercially-viable smart integrated ticketing, other than for concession or small-scale schemes to date. Therefore a government-initiated strategy to achieve universal coverage of smart ticketing is a logical alternative to market failure. Local authorities should be focused on the agreement and delivery of integrated and multi-operator fares architectures. Operators should in general concentrate on the operation of transport services rather than the operation of a smartcard scheme. Larger operators may wish to run their own systems, but in general interoperability is more easily achieved if operators use shared systems.

Submission Details Submitted on 23 October 2009 to Department for Transport (DfT)

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