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S841 - The future of transport


Consultation on the Communication on a sustainable future for transport: IET comments to the European Union.

Abstract Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maintaining and developing society’s quality of life, is the most important and greatest challenge at all levels of transport infrastructure when devising a new transport strategy. Progress has to be made in implementing new technologies and innovative transport schemes, as well as encouraging a change in consumer behaviour and modal shift. If action is taken now the necessary cost of mitigating climate change is within the region of 5% of global gross domestic product (GDP). However, if this is left too late that cost could rise to 20% of global GDP. This raises a massive challenge for policy makers and transport operators. The economic recession and the classic NIMBY (not in my back yard) responses make this a significant political issue.

Submission Details Submitted on 30 September 2009 to European Union

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Keywords and Search Terms Transport, Government policies, Environment, Strategic planning, Climate change, Road traffic, Road tolls, Intelligent transport systems, Safety, Electric vehicles, Railways