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S840 - Consultation on a Draft Strategic Energy Framework for Northern Ireland 2009


Consultation on “A draft strategic energy framework for Northern Ireland 2009”: IET comments to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Northern Ireland (DETINI).


The Northern Ireland electricity network is a key enabler for low carbon, secure and affordable energy. Conventional electricity networks require detailed examination and targeted upgrading if renewable energy, distributed generation and energy efficiency are to be facilitated as major contributors to NI’s energy future. However, attention to the networks alone will be insufficient. A new and more interactive relationship between end-users and the energy system will need to be considered. Action must not be delayed as development and implementation times for major changes to networks are a fundamental requirement. There is a need for coordinated planning and flexible regulation to allow coherent and operable solutions to emerge.

Submission Details Submitted on 29 September 2009 to Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Northern Ireland (DETINI)

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