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S834 - Digital Dividend: Cognitive Access


Consultation on “Digital dividend: cognitive access”: IET comments to the Office of Communications (Ofcom).


The IET strongly supports the suggested provision of radio spectrum for use by cognitive radio systems and applauds Ofcom for their vision and awareness of the need to support innovation in this area. Existing largely fixed-channel wireless systems make extremely inefficient use of precious wireless spectrum because the bulk of capacity is assigned to ‘circuits’ that are not, at any given moment, actually in use. With declining technology costs, essentially all wireless systems will ultimately become cognitive for this and other reasons. The initiative creates a real chance for the UK to lead technically in an emergent area that will be of huge importance in the future.

Submission Details Submitted on 01 May 2009 to Office of Communications (Ofcom)

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Keywords and Search Terms Telecommunication, Cognitive radio, Wireless communication systems, Radio spectrum management, Innovation