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S823 - Delivering a Sustainable Transport System - Consultation on planning for 2014 and beyond


Consultation on “Delivering a sustainable transport system – planning for 2014 and beyond”: IET comments to the Department for Transport (DfT).


The ethos of this strategy is to meet five key challenges. However, little is stated as to how this will be coordinated across different Government departments. Energy, land use and social inclusion are of particular importance. Other challenges that should be considered are the critical infrastructure; lack of public understanding; ensuring the interoperability of services; and closing the skills gap. The goals and associated challenges are a good starting point. However, it would be helpful to develop a ‘road map’ that sets out at least in broad terms routes to delivery and associated timelines. The most important and greatest challenges are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maintaining and developing the quality of life. The Department will have to find the right balance of supporting the economy while reducing the carbon footprint of transport.

Submission Details Submitted on 27 February 2009 to Department for Transport (DfT)

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Keywords and Search Terms Transportation, Government policies, Sustainable development, Energy demand, Environment, Skills shortages, Public understanding of science, Air pollution, Climate change