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S801 - Nuclear Engineering Skills - A Case Study


Inquiry on engineering – nuclear engineering case study: IET comments to the House of Commons Innovation, Universities and Skills Committee.


Skills and supply chain issues will be key factors determining whether a new fleet of nuclear power stations can be built to time and budget in the UK. The nuclear industry specifically and the power industry in general has a rapidly ageing skills profile in most developed countries. All types of engineering, construction and project management skills will be in short supply. The most urgent need is for engineers able to contribute to the development and appraisal of the safety justification for new-build reactors, environmental impact statements and similar work. Most new nuclear stations will be made and designed abroad. However, it is vital that the UK has the skills required to act as an intelligent customer. The IET welcomes the formation of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear.

Submission Details Submitted on 14 March 2008 to House of Commons Innovation, Universities and Skills Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Nuclear energy, Nuclear power stations, Skills shortages, Safety, Environment, Training, Economics, Military applications, Supply chain