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Dr Alan Stevens

Member of the Transport Policy Panel

Alan Stevens Dr Alan Stevens is the Chief Research Scientist and Research Director, Transportation at TRL where he has been working on the application of new technology to transport for 25 years. 

After training as a physicist and research on medical imaging, he worked as part of the team developing the first vehicle numberplate readers. At TRL his initial work on route guidance and mapping systems led to an interest in human factors and driver interaction.

He is an internationally recognised expert in “Human-Machine Interaction” (HMI) in the driving environment and was co-author of the authors of the “European Statement of Principles on HMI" through his work within the eSafety initiative, where he co-chairs of the HMI Working Group. He was also an active member of the responsible international standards committee regularly participating in meetings with European, US, Canadian and Japanese colleagues.  

He was recently appointed to the EU-US Working Group on Driver Distraction following the EU-US High Level Cooperation agreement and continues to be involved in the international IHRA (International Harmonized Research agenda) group and on the Management Committee of IBEC (International Benefit Evaluation and Costs) group and has a continuing research interest in techniques to assess the safety and benefit of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

His consultancy activities focus on providing advice on policy and interoperability issues to Government, developing research programmes and carrying out specific technical and human factors studies in Intelligent Transportation Systems. In terms of academic activities, he participates in University teaching at MSc level, supervises PhD students and is Editor in Chief of an international peer-review journal of Intelligent Transport Systems.