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Jeremy Evans

Member of the Transport Policy Panel

Jermey Evans

From 2001 to 2008, Jeremy Evans worked in the Congestion Charging Division of Transport for London.  He was responsible for the traffic management measures, introduced to support the Central London Congestion Charging Scheme that went live on 17 February 2003.  He was also responsible for the implementation of the enforcement infrastructure. 

He continued with this work for the Western Extension to the Central London Scheme that went live on 19 February 2007. 

He was also responsible for trials of newer technologies that can be applied in the future potential development of road user charging in London and elsewhere, using GNSS (satellite positioning), GSM (mobile phone) or DSRC (tag and beacon).  The results of these trials have been published on the TfL web site. 

Since November 2008, he has worked in the Traffic Operations Directorate as Head of the Technology Delivery Group.  He manages a portfolio of projects that seek to optimise technology developments, achieving cost savings, or replacing obsolete technologies. 

Jeremy is currently Vice Chair of ITS (UK).