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Dr Alan Pollock CEng MIET

Member of the Information Technology Policy Panel

Alan Pollock  

Alan Pollock joined the IET Information Technology Policy Panel in September 2005.  Currently Alan is a Business Operations Manager within Microsoft’s Global Business Support (GBS) Organisation.

Alan has extensive commercial and technical experience, having worked across a series of enterprise-class software solution companies in a broad range of different roles. Alan is passionate about ensuring the correction application of IT to business problems - to drive revenue growth and to realise operational effectiveness. “New technology should be employed an enabler, driving true value to the overall business; otherwise the investment is redundant.”

Alan started his career as an academic, specialising in the application of Artificial Intelligence to Computer Aided Design for Fire Safety Evaluation of Architectural Building Plans. His work, in conjunction with the University of Ulster, led to the development of a new fire safety evaluation called Egress Complexity; this work was based upon Shannon Entropy and Graph Theory. Subsequently, this research spawned a string of publications and led to the successful completion of Alan’s Doctoral thesis.

Upon completion of his academic work Alan moved into an industrial research and development group at Bell Northern Research (now Nortel Networks). Here Alan continued to extend his knowledge of software engineering and began to specialise in the field of telecommunications.

Since moving into industry, Alan has continued to extend his knowledge in a myriad of different software application technologies including: Network Management, Billing and Mediation, Operational and Analytical CRM, Real-time Personalisation, Business Intelligence, E-learning and Customer Self-service.

Having served his time in a number of leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Nortel and Lucent, Alan is now keen to share his experience and broad base of industrial and academic links with our other IET members.