Ashley Pocock

Member of the Information Technology Policy Panel

Ashley Pocock

Ashley Pocock is Head of Industry Change, Regulation and External Affairs at EDF Energy.

He heads management of strategic development of EDF Energy’s Smart Metering and new technology programme, including; requirements definition, technology review and architectural design, business casing, trials and proving, investment planning, regulatory impact, industry change and deployment.  Responsibilities encompass engagement with Government, Regulator and Industry to shape agreement on the delivery of Smart metering to all UK Customers for both Gas and Electricity Services.

He is Chairman of the Application Home Initiative (TAHI), which seeks to encourage the take-up of connected home technology by the adoption of ‘open architecture’ to enable interoperability between devices and applications. 

He launched early AMR technology in USA in the 1980’s using telecom’s technology and subsequently in UK followed by wireless AMR in 1990’s. Founded UKAMRA. Founded new Metering Services business for Invensys in 1998, including the delivery of leading edge data management services. Developed Metering Strategy for EDF Energy in 2004, leading to the launch of new enhanced field services. 

Launch of the TAHI Interoperability Framework Initiative (TIFI) in February 2008 to establish an ‘Open Architecture’ standard.