Marta Fernandez

Member of the Innovation and Emerging Technologies Policy Panel

Marta Fernandez

Marta Fernandez is Associate Director, Global Research at Arup. She joined Arup Research in August 2007 as Research Relationship Manager. Her role is to manage Arup’s Research Network, both internally and externally, leverage partnerships and public funding and advice on the commercialisation of Arup’s IP. Marta has shaped and facilitated research collaborations between Arup and partners in a number of topics ranging from design for human performance to urban information architecture. She is also involved in Arup engagement in the Energy Efficient Buildings European Initiative.

Marta is a Chemical Engineer and completed her doctorate at University College London on Accelerated carbonation for CO2 sequestration and solid waste treatment. She Is a Chartered Engineer by the Institution of Chemical Engineering in Valencia, and she is honorary lecturer at UCL.

Prior to joining Arup, Marta consulted for start-ups with proprietary technology in the renewable energy sector, helping them gain public funding, assessing business viability, building a business development plan and a customer base.

Marta began her career at London Technology Network where she would identify and match companies’ R&D investment needs with academic research. Marta was account manager for 40+ companies in engineering, energy and environmental sectors. She created and led LTN’s Environmental Technologies Group which brings together different stakeholders in the sector to foster technology partnerships. Marta grew the group to over 600 members. At LTN she managed 70+ research scientists to build a database of current technologies.