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EMC for functional safety key topics

Addressing key topics within the EMC for functional safety sector.

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An IET volunteer advisory group of industry and regulatory body experts has pioneered guidance on the design of products and systems containing electrical and electronic devices (electrical and electronic technologies) wherein the product or system needs to be inherently functionally safe throughout its full operational life.

The guidance first issued in 2000 underwent a major review in 2008, and a subsequent refinement in 2013.  The 2008 publication “ Electromagnetic compatibility for functional safety ” is available for free download as is the 2013 publication “ Overview of techniques and measures related to EMC for Functional Safety ”.

Additional EMC resources and the above documents can all be accessed from EMC for functional safety factfiles

All electrical and electronic technologies can suffer from degraded functionality, including complete failure, when exposed to electromagnetic (EM) interference.  All electrical and electronic technologies emit EM disturbances that can interfere with the correct operation of radio-communications or other electrical and electronic devices.  Without pre-emptive measures modern electronic technologies can be more susceptible to such disturbances than earlier technologies.

Where the electronic technologies are used in a product or system that must be inherently safe throughout its operational life then appropriate design measures must be taken to mitigate functional safety risks.  The IET documents give guidance on these design measures.