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Fellow assessment panel decision

Guidance on the Fellow assessment panel recommendations and decision.

Once your application for Fellowship has been received and checked by IET staff, it is forwarded to the Fellow assessment panel.

The Fellow assessment panel is made up of IET peers who will:

  • Discuss your application;
  • Make a recommendation;
  • Forward to the chairman;
  • The Chair will reach a decision.

You will be notified, in writing, of any decision made. The possible outcomes are:



An election pack containing your official confirmation letter will be sent by first class post.


Should an interview be required, you will be invited to attend at a mutually convenient time and location.


A further period of working at a level consistent with fellowship criteria is required. A date will be supplied for the applicant to either re-apply or update the assessment panel.


Experience is not consistent with criteria for Fellow.

The timescale for this process can take from four to eight weeks dependent entirely on the quality, pertinence and completeness of the information supplied.

The IET recognises the achievement of being awarded Fellowship by publishing a list of recently elected Fellows.

Fellows are entitled to use the designatory letters FIET (Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology).

Should you be unhappy at the outcome of your application, you can submit an appeal.

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