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Events for newly-elected Fellows provide a great opportunity to meet other Fellows and hear from industry leaders.


We’re currently developing future networking events for our Fellows. More information is coming soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in networking with IET Fellows then a good place to find like-minded people is on our exclusive Fellows group on LinkedIn.

Fellow Networking Event - 4th December 2014

The 2014 Fellow Networking Event took place on the 4th December attended by newly elected and existing Fellows and assorted guests. The title for the day was “Mind the Gap” discussing that the gap in attracting young people into engineering careers is wider than the gender gap. Could the reasons that deter women from considering the profession as a career be the same reasons as for the men?

AVM Sue Gray , Director of Combat Air, RAF also presented but is not included.

Throughout the day many of the attendees were interviewed by, the clips to follow. In addition, an exercise by the attendees of noting who, what and why they became engineers provided some very interesting anecdotes, these are being reviewed and will be presented soon.

All in all a very interesting and worthwhile day.

Presentations from the event are listed below and can be downloaded in PDF format.