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Referees for Fellowship applications

Information for individuals who wish to act as a referee for a candidate to become a Fellow (FIET).

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In order to achieve Fellowship, a candidate must provide two referees for their application. The referees must have a certain level of knowledge of the applicant's work in order to be able to verify the candidate’s competency. View guidance on who qualifies as a referee.

As a referee you must sign and complete Section H of the candidate’s application form and on those parts of the application that are relevant to you provide verifying initials. Complete and sign the reference form to verify that the candidate meets the criteria for Fellowship and is worthy of consideration for this prestigious membership category. If you feel that the candidate does not meet any of the criteria for Fellowship but you have another reason to justify the award of Fellowship of the IET please provide full details.

Once the Fellowship application has been received by the IET, you may be contacted to verify the information provided.

If you have any further queries about acting as a referee for a Fellowship application, please contact:

Fellowship Manager
Registration and Standards Department
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way
United Kingdom


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