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ICT Technician employer benefits

Benefits of ICTTech to employers.

ICTTech for employers

Would you like to provide your clients with reassurance of the level of technical and professional capability your organisation delivers? Are you looking to benchmark and develop your technical teams to ensure you can effectively deliver to your clients expectations, now and in the future?

ICTTech provides an independent mark of excellence for your technical staff. As a globally recognised standard it enables your organisation to differentiate itself from the competition.

What is ICTTech?

ICTTech is the newest professional award offered by the IET and is aimed at ICT technicians or practitioners who support or enable the use of ICT equipment and applications by others.  The IET has helped to design ICTTech to provide international independent recognition of an individual’s skills, experience and professionalism that makes them a competent and trustworthy technician.

ICTTech registration is gained by individuals who can demonstrate personal impact in the workplace by delivering technologically effective solutions that meet with stakeholder requirements.

Why is ICTTech relevant to your company?

Supporting your employees to become ICTTech registered can help send the message that you have the right technical teams in place ready to meet the needs of your internal and external clients, and so much more:

  • Demonstrates your team’s expertise and professionalism to your potential customers;
  • Proves that your employees have more to offer than just their academic qualifications;
  • Helps you create and build the right design and technical project teams, who are up to date with the latest developments and can deliver;
  • Proves that your employees know and comply with relevant codes of conduct and codes of practice;
  • Proves that your team considers the environmental and sustainability impact of its work;
  • Proves that you support your employees’ career development, with a professional title protected under the European Directive;
  • Helps you build a training programme in line with the organisation’s needs;
  • Demonstrates to your technical staff the part they play in the long term success of your business.

The SFIA Framework

Skills Framework for the Information Age [new window] (SFIA) is an industry led skills framework enabling IT employers to carry out a number of HR functions such as skills audits, plans for future projects or sampling to bring standardisation of job functions.  The SFIA Framework is internationally recognised and used by governments, both in the UK and globally.  ICTTech has been mapped to Level 3 of the SFIA Framework.

What happens next?

Contact us and we can introduce ICTTech to your employees.


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