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Daniel Clague, Higher Technical Specialist

Daniel works as a IP/MPLS & Broadband Network Engineer for Manx Telecom Ltd based in the Isle of Man.

Daniel Clague How did you get into your profession?

After graduating with an Honours degree in Information Technology and Environmental Studies, I applied directly for a multimedia sales position within Manx Telecom Ltd. In my first year I progressed within the organisation to a technician grade to develop and maintain broadband technologies, and was part of the team in 2001 that successfully made the Isle of Man one of the first countries in the world to launch the broadband ADSL service. To be involved in the broadband technology from an early stage has helped me to focus and to maintain my ambition to continue my profession within the telecommunications industry. To be at the forefront of technology and to be involved in the development of new networks and services is exciting and interesting.

What qualifications do you have?

I hold a BSc Honours degree in Information Technology and Environmental Studies.

How did you hear about ICTTech?

The IET held a presentation within our head office here on the Isle of Man. Prior to this I was made aware of the IET visit and the benefits of being a MIET from a colleague within Manx Telecom Ltd.

Why did you decide to apply for ICTTech?

My ultimate aim is to be a Chartered Engineer; however, after reviewing the ICTTech application pack I soon realised how relevant this qualification was to my profession and the telecommunications industry. I hope that my ICTTech achievement helps encourage other engineers and technicians within the organisation to also join the IET and achieve professional registration as part of their professional development.

What does having ICTTech mean to you and your career?

The ICTTech qualification has helped me receive a much deserved recognition for my hard work and commitment I have given so far to my professional career within the telecommunications industry. The ICTTech qualification is also relevant and current to the telecommunications industry, and this can only encourage me to focus and develop further in my professional career. I can only see ICTTech improving and aiding my career prospects both within the organisation and across the telecommunications industry.