About professional registration

Professional registration recognises your competence, commitment, skills and experience.

Applying for professional registration

You must be a member of the IET before applying for professional registration and CITP registration. For more information please visit the about IET membership page.

You can apply for professional registration in one of two ways:

Why become registered?

Professional registration is an important milestone for any engineer or technician. It establishes their proven knowledge, understanding and competence. In particular, registration shows your peers and employers that you have demonstrated a commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing competence.

The IET is licensed by the Engineering Council [new window] to award the professional engineering qualifications defined in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) [new window].

The ICT Technician qualification is defined in the Information and Communications Technology Technician [new window] (ICTTech) Standard.

The IET is licensed by the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, to award the Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status defined in the Chartered IT Professional Standard [new window], aligned with Level 5 of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) [new window] the UK Government backed competency framework.

Categories of registration

See further details on each category below:

Benefits of registration:

  • Recognition as a professional in your field;
  • Improved self motivation, career opportunities and salary prospects;
  • Greater influence within your organisation and industry;
  • Confirmation that you are a competent engineer and/or IT professional;
  • Connecting you with innovative, influential and inspirational people;
  • International recognition of your qualifications.

Fees for professional registration

You will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee for professional registration. This fee should be paid within seven days of submission of your application in order for the application process to begin.

Professional registration fees are payable in Sterling (GBP £), with special arrangements in some other currencies.

Successful applicants are also required to pay an entrance fee which is collected by the IET on behalf of the Engineering Council. Only on receipt of this payment can your details be sent to the Engineering Council for inclusion on their register. Once your details have been added to the Engineering Council register you are able to use your professional registration designatory letters (CEng, IEng, EngTech or ICTTech).

Please note that if payment is not received within three months of notification, your application may be closed.

Fees for CITP registration

You will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee for CITP registration as part of the online application, payable directly to the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. Successful applicants will also be required to pay an CITP entrance fee, referred to as the first registration fee.

CITP registration fees are payable in Sterling (GBP £). Local payments for the CITP first registration fee, annual renewal fee and five yearly revalidation fee can be made in India.

Request to transfer professional registration or CITP registration

You can request to transfer your CEng, IEng, EngTech or CITP professional registration from another UK engineering institution to the IET. You will need to ensure that your Engineering Council or BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, subscription payments are up to date. In order to transfer your professional registration, you must be a member of the IET. For more information about applying for membership, please visit the about IET membership page.

You will need to submit a CV which has been signed by a supporter. A transfer fee is payable upon submission of your CV. Your CV will be peer assessed by registered engineers who are IET members. These members are not IET staff, but volunteers who have been trained for this purpose. Please familiarise yourself with how we use your data.

Please note that you may be required to attend an interview or to provide additional information to support your CV.

Maintaining your registration

CEng, IEng, EngTech and ICTTech

Currently there are no requirements for re-assessment once registration has been granted, and you will remain on the Engineering Council register whilst you remain a member of a licensed body. Joining the register confirms your commitment to both the Engineering Council's Guidelines for Institutions' Codes of Conduct [PDF, 80.15 kB] and the IET Rules of Conduct and your obligation to remain professionally competent through CPD. 


CITP registrants, awarded after 2009 are required to apply for revalidation of their Certificate of Current Competence (CoCC) by the fifth anniversary of their admission to the Register of Chartered IT Professionals, and once every five years thereafter.

Need help?

You may find answers to some of your questions in the:

Professional registration frequently asked questions

Chartered IT Professional frequently asked questions

We will do as much as we can to support you with any aspect of your application, so please get in touch if you need help and advice.


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