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True 'one team' working

2 September 2013
IET Communications team
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IET Strategy for the 21st Century

IET staff and volunteers are working together to achieve great things.

It’s without doubt that volunteers are an essential part of the IET.

Achieving the Institution’s goals relies on effective ‘one team’ working between staff, who provide functional expertise, and volunteers, who provide the reach and technical capabilities to deliver the IET strategy.

Sarah Jenkins, IET head of strategy & international development, explains: “Our volunteers and staff have different skill sets and different strengths, and it’s when we merge these together that we unlock the very best in the IET.

“As an example – our volunteers are spread around the world, meaning they are much more able to organise local activities and events. This is a real advantage that we need to make the most of.

“Also, our volunteers are engineers themselves, whereas most of our staff are not. What that means is that they are well qualified to do things like explain the role that engineering plays in society, inspire young people into engineering careers, and assess candidates for professional registration.

“However, to do all of this fantastic work, they also need staff support and expertise. Our communications and marketing staff, for example, provide really useful media contacts and tools to help promote volunteer-led activities. Similarly our specialist events team offers support and expertise in organising larger events.

“One team working is very much about collaboration – staff and volunteers working together towards common goals.”


New strategic priority

In recognition of this, the IET Board of Trustees has added one team working as an additional ‘strategic priority’ within the Institution’s three year strategy.

It now sits alongside seven other priorities, which together guide all of the IET’s activities. The IET Strategy for the 21st Century PowerPoint presentation and brochure are being updated to reflect this.


Case studies and more information

To highlight just a few of the many examples of one team working taking place within the IET today, some case studies have been prepared, which you can now view within the Volunteer Gateway area of the website. These show the great things that can be achieved when staff and volunteers work together.

If you’d like any further information about the new one team working strategic priority, or the IET strategy in general, please feel free to email


Volunteer Talent Support

Closely linked with the concept of one team working is the ‘Volunteer Talent Support’ project, which has been underway since late 2012 to ensure that IET volunteers are receiving the best possible support.

You can find out more about the project via the Volunteer Talent Support page on the Volunteer Gateway.