What’s the IET Strategy done for me?

1 November 2011
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There is a lot of talk about ‘strategy’ at the IET, but what has the Institution’s Strategy for the 21st Century, in place since 2009, really delivered?

The IET Strategy has laid out the focus for the Institution’s current and future activities, divided into four Strategic Programmes. Encouragingly, these programmes are already achieving much of what they originally set out to do, but what does this actually mean, in day-to-day terms, for the IET’s members around the world?

Professional Home for Life

Through the Professional Home for Life programme, the IET is making sure that it provides the products, services and resources you need throughout each stage of your entire career.

Starting at the beginning, engagement with universities and student members is being rejuvenated through the new Academic Partners scheme, which provides young people with access to a wide range of resources.

Through the pilot of an ‘e-student’ offering, student members at some Academic Partner universities have also been able to take advantage of an electronic membership package. In addition, Academic Partners now make a single payment for multiple memberships for their students, making life easier for all concerned.

Graduates can then start building the careers they want with the help of the new Graduate Advantage membership package, providing all the benefits of full membership at just £20 for one year following graduation; followed by the Career Advantage package, which is available during the first three years of your career for £60 per year.

Further down the career path, IET professional registration provides mid-career engineers and technicians with global recognition and a competitive edge by demonstrating commitment to professional standards and developing competence.

As an IET member, you also have exclusive access to the Career Manager online professional development system, enabling you to build a competence profile, carry out assessments and record supporting evidence.

A new Corporate Partners scheme is also being developed to help companies to create a tailored package of IET products and services suited to the unique needs of their employees.

At the later stages of your career, opportunities are on offer for you to be able to give back to the profession by supporting the next generation of engineers and technicians through mentoring and volunteering. Membership discounts for retired members have also recently been reintroduced.

Global Agenda

The aim of the Global Agenda programme is to develop a ‘thought leader’ role for the IET, because it is uniquely placed in helping to explain the impacts of engineering and technology on society.

Global Agenda is putting engineers and technicians at the forefront of shaping solutions to society’s current challenges.

Activities are now gathering pace, with a dedicated thought leadership web resource pulling together important details on the programme for members and the public.

In late May and early June, the Global Agenda team used the Electric Vehicles and Smart Grid events at IET London: Savoy Place as an opportunity to gain feedback on the lifestyle implications of electric vehicle adoption and engage with target stakeholders.

Then, at the Civil Service Live event in London this July, a Global Agenda workshop on the policy implications of electric vehicle adoption was run for approximately 40 government officials.

The team also had a presence at last month’s British Science Festival in Bradford, UK, where visitors to the IET’s stand had the opportunity to have their say on energy policy issues in relation to the Home Energy Revolution Global Agenda theme.

By working closely with IET Communications staff, media coverage related to Global Agenda topics, in both the national and international press, is also rising. The focus on these themes continues with future projects in the pipeline.

Community Engagement

Through the work of the Community Engagement programme, the IET is now focusing on Energy, Transport, Information & Communications, Design & Production and Built Environment as its five key sectors, making it easier for you – as engineers and technicians from all disciplines – to find relevant communities, events and information.

The Community Engagement team also recognises that in order for the IET to remain relevant, it needs to change the way it supports communities, meaning the many groups of volunteers that give their time to the IET to share their passion and enthusiasm for science, engineering and technology.

Therefore, in consultation with members, and specifically those of you already active in our communities, the IET has developed a new community model; designed to remove barriers, making it easier for groups to form, collaborate with one another, and generate and share content.

In a positive step forward for member-to-member communications around the world, Local Network Committees also now have tools to communicate directly with members in their catchment areas.

The new volunteer access to data system gives a nominated volunteer in each Committee access to the contact details of members in their area, as well as the Adestra email management software.

New networking features in the MyIET online tools now allow you to search for other members, send private messages, add contacts to a ‘favourites’ list, and make comments on other members’ contributions. Specifying your interests and communication preferences in MyIET is now easier too.

Finally, if you are a member of an IET community that has a partial or full online presence, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is yet more work underway on improving online community tools and processes.


Have you ever been interested in an event but have been too busy or too far away to be involved? As part of the Knowledge programme, we are now trialling ‘hybrid event’ technology allowing delegates to attend conferences and seminars either in person or online.

Access to IET books is now easier too, with website ordering and pre-ordering, a 35 per cent discount for members on all Academic, Standards & Compliance books, and e-Books now available. The e-Books service allows searching and downloading by chapter as well as by full text, making it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

If you are an Inspec user, you may have also noticed the recent addition of ‘citations indexing’ to the database, meaning that citations listed at the end of scientific papers are now included with abstracts allowing for more effective searching.

To help electrical installation practitioners access relevant information and resources, like the recently amended Wiring Regulations and the new Wiring Regulations Digital, this community now has its own dedicated website.

Furthermore, in a move into new and exciting territory, IET Standards will also shortly publish a Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation.

Getting news from the Institution is now more practical, with fresh websites for E&T magazine, E&T Jobs and Member News recently launched. If you like your news on-the-go, there is a mobile version of E&T, and regular IET News videos, on offer.

In response to feedback from members, it’s now also possible to share your views and opinions on E&T articles by making comments online.

In short, the Strategic Programmes have generated numerous improvements for members in every area of the IET, putting more knowledge and tools at your fingertips and giving you a more powerful voice in the workplace and in the world.