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20 October 2011
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IE marketing ad for new website, 'A good site better...'

The IET’s new redesigned website goes live

The new IET website is now live, offering simpler navigation and a better user experience ensuring information is easier and quicker to find. The website is now the primary focus for the ‘Professional Home for Life’ for engineering and technology professionals and has a new look and progressive design, incorporating customer-oriented navigation and a members-only area. Key features include:

• new look and feel
• a new approach to navigation, making it easier to find content, services and other IET websites
• new homepage layout
• audience focused and Sector pages
• new members’ area to gain exclusive access to content and functionality.

Following a process to gather extensive feedback from users and staff The Internet project team were quick to realise that users increasingly expect a more personalised approach. As such, the new site helps the IET’s wide ranging audience to identify themselves, and follow paths that take them straight to the IET products and services that are relevant and interesting to them.

One of the ways the simpler navigation and personalisation has been achieved has been through the adoption of the very latest in web design. IET head of marketing Keith Woodward, said: “The new website has been ‘mega-navved’, to use technical slang, which basically means that it’s going to be much more intuitive and user-friendly. In fact, you could say that it’s a good site better, which is the very strapline that we’ll be using in our marketing campaigns!”

The IT team responsible for the site’s redesign has worked particularly hard over the past month to get everything ready for launch. Further refinement will take place during Phase Two of the project.