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14 November 2011
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Innovation Awards - winners group

IET Achievement, Ambition and Innovation Awards 2011: highlighting the excellent work of today’s engineers and technicians, profiling the profession’s stars of tomorrow

Wednesday 9 November was a big day for the engineering and technology community, with presentations for the Achievement, Ambition and Innovation Awards taking place in London.

Finalists and winners (see lists below) gathered together at the Intercontinental Hotel for the three ceremonies, highlighting the excellent work of today’s engineers and technicians and the profession’s stars of tomorrow.

Achievement Awards

At the Achievement Awards, the IET’s highest distinction, the Faraday Medal, was presented to Donald E. Knuth, professor emeritus at Stanford University’s Computer Science Department and author of the seminal publication ‘The Art of Computer Programming’.

The IET’s President, Dr Mike Short, described Prof Knuth as “a very deserving recipient” of the medal, and commented that his published work “has inspired many great engineers that have followed him”.

Other awards included the Sarah Guppy Medal for the Built Environment, presented to Mr John Armitt, chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the public body responsible for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Ambition Awards

During the Ambition Awards, Nanyang Technological University graduate Mitali Kakran was named winner of the global final of the Present Around The World competition, for the presentation of her paper on the infinite possibilities of the newly found material Graphene.

Ms Kakran said: “It’s an honour to have the opportunity to present and be voted as the winner by such inspirational and esteemed professionals. It’s been a wonderful experience being part of this competition and I encourage young people around the world to get involved in some way, to help form the future of engineering.”

A series of other awards and scholarships were also presented at the ceremony, including undergraduate scholarships and grants from £1,000 to £3,000 per annum, and postgraduate scholarships ranging in value from £2,500 to £10,000.

Innovation Awards

The culmination of the day’s events was the formal Innovation Awards ceremony, which recognised cutting-edge companies operating within a wide variety of engineering and technology disciplines.

Winners were announced in 15 categories, shining the spotlight on innovations such as a solar-electric unmanned aerial system, an intelligent support system for foetal monitoring during childbirth and an automotive hybrid drive system.

IET chief executive and secretary Nigel Fine said: “These awards recognise the most outstanding innovations across science, engineering and technology and highlight the vital contributions made by engineers and technicians to enhance people’s lives around the world. I think it is no exaggeration to say these are the people who will help guide us towards a brighter future for all of humankind.”


Award winners


The 2011 Achievement Award winners include:

The Faraday Medal - Donald E Knuth, Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

The Mountbatten Medal - Professor Peter William McOwan, Professor of Computer Science in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary University of London

The Ambrose Fleming Medal for Information and Communications - Professor Christos Christopoulos, Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK

The J J Thomson Medal for Electronics - Professor Christofer Toumazou, of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College, UK

The Sir Eric Mensforth International Manufacturing Gold Medal - Dr Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover

The Coales Medal for Transport - Mr Adrian Newey of Red Bull Racing, UK

The Sarah Guppy Medal for the Built Environment - John Armitt, Chair of the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the public body responsible for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for the Games and their use post 2012

The Sir Monty Finniston Award for Engineering and Technology - Professor Theodore Rappaport, Chair in Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas, USA

Mike Sargeant Career Achievement Award for Young Professionals - Mr Matthew Wilson, CEO of Crosby Communications plc, Liverpool, UK

Sir Henry Royce Medal for Young Professionals - Miss Sally Nicholson, Power Systems Engineer, National Grid, Warwick



2011 Ambition Award winners:

Belling Engineering scholarship
University of Cambridge - Simon Schofield

IET Jubilee scholarships                 
University of Cambridge - Joshua Patrick Bough
University of Cambridge - Thomas Cole
University of Cambridge - Jonathan Horne
University of Cambridge - Rosie Lowther
University of Cambridge - Adam James Sanders
University of Cambridge - Marianna Sykopetritou

National Electronics Council (NEC) scholarships
Imperial College London -Matthew Douthwaite
University of Cambridge - Leonardo Impett

IET Hawtin scholarship
University of Cambridge - Richard Cadman

IET FUSE scholarships
Durham University - Liam Baron
University of Cambridge - John Anthony Bradshaw
University of Cambridge - Siena Whiteside

Belling Engineering grants
University of Strathclyde - Iain Chalmers
University of Bristol - Benjamin Johnson-Morris
University of Oxford - Philip Sibson
University of Cambridge - Robert Woodward

IET grants
University of Leeds - Nesma Al-Shaikhly
University of Cambridge - Miklós András Danka
University of Sheffield - Radu-Stefan Dragan
University of Manchester - Ciprian Ionut Florescu
University of Cambridge - Clare Hall
University of Sheffield  - Christopher Hambley
University of Sheffield - Dimitrios Konstantinidis
University of Glasgow - Rebecca Macindoe
University of Manchester - Martin Schuster
University College London - Marius-Andrei Vrajitoarea

Present Around The World competition global winner
Mitali Kakran



2011 Innovation Award winners:

Asset Management
United Utilities: Process asset optimisation to improve efficiency and serviceability improvements

Built Environment
GE Digital Energy: Sustainable energy generation and management for off-grid remote communities based on smart-grid technologies

E Ink: Next generation Pearl: Offering the whitest reflective displays in the industry, bringing electronic paper performance to the next level

Embedded and Critical Systems
Xilinx, Inc.: Extensible Processing Platform (EPP) Incorporating an ARM® dual-core Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ processing system

Emerging Technologies
QinetiQ Ltd: The Zephyr solar-electric unmanned aerial system: Aircraft which redefined the art of the possible for affordable high altitude long endurance surveillance and communications

Healthcare Technologies
K2 Medical Systems: INFANT: An intelligent decision support system for interpretation of fetal monitoring during childbirth

Information Technology
Cambridge Healthcare Ltd: An e-health portal for patients and healthcare professionals, featuring the world’s first healthcare application store

Measurement in Action
Plessey Semiconductors Ltd and University of Sussex: Electric potential sensors revolutionising the measurement of electric fields

Power / Energy
Ashwoods Automotive: Automotive hybrid drive system

Product Design
QinetiQ Ltd: The Zephyr solar-electric unmanned aerial system: Aircraft which redefined the art of the possible for affordable high altitude long endurance surveillance and communications

Software in Design
Selex Galileo: Product design, analysis and development in a virtual world using presentations and fully immersive simulated environments.

Ashwoods Automotive: Automotive hybrid drive system

BAE Systems Mission Systems: Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers mission system team

Kineto Wireless: Smart Wi-Fi - the first and only smartphone application to boost mobile coverage using Wi-Fi

Ashwoods Automotive: Automotive hybrid drive system