Member News

Issue 25: 01 October 2010
Chris Snowden MN 25

A year in the life of the IET

As the IET welcomes in a new president, marking the start of a new session and the beginning of a whole new cycle of activity, we take a moment here to reflect on the past year, looking at a few of the highlights of another pivotal year at the IET…

Nigel Burton MN 25

Incoming president of the IET – Nigel Burton – describes his vision for the future of the science, engineering and technology sector. With a background in engineering you can do anything, he says. Words and photography by Nick Smith

Roger Smart MN 25

Keri Allan catches up with electrical engineering, super-bike riding IET Fellow and expert witness Roger Smart

A picture of IET president Nigel Burton

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Contributing to Member News

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Also in this issue

RedR update: technology in disaster response  ET arr

RedR chief executive Martin McCann reports on the fundamental role modern communications technologies are increasingly playing in disaster response

Thomas Brisbane Yule FIET  ET arr

A long-standing member of some 70 years, remembered here by Dr A Curzon FIET

What’s in a name? Science and engineering in the public consciousness  ET arr

The voice for science and engineering lives on in the UK through the re-creation of the Science and Technology Select Committee

Community engagement In Scotland: past and present  ET arr

The IET and previously the IEE engaged and continues to engage with the educational sector of the Scottish community. Ron McMurtrie describes how.

The IET Virtual Library: tap into another world  ET arr

The Internet can be a confusing and frustrating place, with quality content either expensive or simply lost in a tangle of unreliable information. Use the IET Virtual Library to help you find a way through the minefield.

Can you make the news? Writing for Member News  ET arr

“Hard news is really hard. It sticks not in the craw but in the mind. It is almost physical in effect, causing fear, interest, laughter and shock.” Andrew Marr

Social networking: reaching new audiences  ET arr

Social networking is a growing platform that various IET communities and Local Networks (LNs) are using to extend their reach, promote their activities and raise their overall profile.

IET Schools Liaison Officers: spreading the message  ET arr

Kevin Burke, Schools Liaison Officer at the Lancashire and Cumbria Network, reports on the success of the IET’s Schools Liaison Officers conference

Having a life: engineering ethics  ET arr

Where does an engineer’s responsibility end, when a project reaches its conclusion or is it a lifestyle issue? asks IET member Nick Hales

Putting the IMP in PMI  ET arr

IET member Mohamed Hashim, a telecom engineer at Abu Dhabi-based oil company ZADCO, demystifies the PMI’s PMP process!

Near-field communication: is everything tickety-boo?  ET arr

Tickets, please: we think of technology as providing instant solutions for every aspect of life. Take ticketing for example...

The personal touch: one-to-one professional registration advice  ET arr

One of the most important things to IET members is becoming professionally registered. Check out one of the growing number of LN registration events for support.

A gift of loving wishes  ET arr

IET Fellow Jolly Wong, past chairman of IET Hong Kong Local Network (LN) and chairman of the Far East Regional Network (FERN), describes a recent IET Hong Kong delegation visit to Sichuan Province, China, to help the rebuild after the 2008 Great Sichuan Earthquake

Bringing science fairs to life  ET arr

The IET is continuing to improve on its ‘one team’ approach that sees staff and members collaborating to create exciting, interactive areas at science fairs across the UK and beyond.

Local Network event hits the headlines  ET arr

A recent Swindon Local Network event on the Bloodhound supersonic car hit headlines in the area and beyond thanks to a great partnership with the IET’s communications team.

Young volunteer puts engineering on the dial  ET arr

Hugely proactive volunteer, young engineer Rhys Phillips has taken on a number of responsibilities within the South West Wales LN, created an engineering radio show and volunteer as a STEM ambassador.

Virtual war games: IET members at RAF Spadeadam  ET arr

In the far north of Cumbria, at the edge of Kielder Forest and between Hadrian's Wall and the Scottish Border, lies the largest RAF station in the UK.

IET on campus Solent Network success  ET arr

The IET Solent Network has been working closely with the region’s three Academic Partners to build successful IET-on-campus teams.

Are you an e-junkie?  ET arr

“(Email) is just another way of being rejected by women”. That’s George’s opinion in the 1998 film You’ve got mail.

Bloodhound SSC Rocket Car: motivating young engineers  ET arr

Two fantastic days were enjoyed by budding engineers at the Bloodhound SSC 1000mph Rocket Car event held at Staffordshire University, UK

Mission accomplished?  ET arr

With more than four billion people using mobile phones globally at the end of 2008 there is every temptation for our industry to sit back and say “job done”! But IET Trustee Dr Mike Short asks is it really a case of mission accomplished?

What isn’t connected these days?  ET arr

IET deputy president Dr Mike Short of O2 ponders our amazing interconnected-

A most peculiar case  ET arr

Assistant archivist Sarah Hale investigates Michael Faraday’s fascination with the Victorian obsession of ‘table-turning’

Harnessing technology in disasters  ET arr

As the ink is drying on a new MOU, the IET becomes the newest patron of disaster relief charity, RedR. Toby Gould, RedR’s membership and technical support manager, reflects on how technology can aid disaster relief.

IET survey a call to action  ET arr

Each year for the past five years, the IET has carried out a skills survey. This year’s survey reveals clear areas for concern, reports IET principal policy advisor Hugo Donaldson

A win-win situation  ET arr

TPN/LN communities: the benefits of working together

IET and the Armed Forces  ET arr

Recently appointed as the IET’s Armed Forces Development Manager, Tricia Johnson explains new initiatives for the military

The Gazette  ET arr

Making headlines around the world: Member News highlights the achievements and career moves of IET members everywhere.

Obituaries of IET members  ET arr

Member News highlights the careers and achievements of recently deceased IET members.


Watch the latest IET news bulletin

Alice Delahunty, the IET's Young Woman Engineer 2007, presents the latest news on IET activities in this new monthly video.

Top honours for IET Venues

Success at Meetings & Incentive Travel Industry Awards.

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

Education programme update.

Support for technical apprentices

New IET award for BAE Systems employees.

IET China update

Busy start to 2011 for team in Beijing.

Infrastructure and climate change

Engineering the Future presents new report to UK Government.

CaSE celebrates 25 years

IET hosts anniversary reception.

Brand = reputation

Important updates are on the horizon for the IET brand.

New partnership with BAE Systems

Memorandum of Understanding signed.

IET political engagement in 2010

The year in review.

IET news video


The first billion  ET arr

Incoming IET president for 2011/12 Dr Mike Short, vice president of Telefonica Europe, considers the lessons we can learn from the largest mobile market in the world.