Email alias service

The IET offers all members a personal email alias service in which you can register or update your own unique, personalised email address.

All IET members can apply to register a unique, personalised email address, such as jsmith@theiet.org; just log on to your MyIET account and complete the request form (log-in required).

Once the IET has received your application, and you have received confirmation that the alias is operational, you can pass it on to your contacts. Any email sent to your IET alias will be forwarded automatically to your nominated, "real" email address. Changes will usually be made within five working days.

This will mean that, in the event of your "real" email address changing, you will not need to inform all your contacts. Simply let the IET know by emailing aliassupport@theiet.org with the new address to which email should be forwarded and, once you have received confirmation of the change, email will be re-directed to the new address.

Please see our terms of service for further information, or contact us at email: aliassupport@theiet.org