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Young Professional (YP) Buddy scheme

A range of Buddy support and information, including Buddy training, tips for mentees and Buddies, FAQs and employment websites.

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As a recent graduate, you will probably be on the receiving end of lots of career advice - not all of it useful.

Do you want some insights from someone who understands the challenges you are facing, who is impartial and can offer confidential advice and support?

Let us put you in touch with an IET Young Professional (YP) Buddy.

They will be someone who graduated within the last few years and will know exactly what you're going through now.

Your Buddy can help you:

  • adapt to the culture and formalities of the workplace;
  • deal with the steep learning curve that comes with your first significant professional experience;
  • make the transition from education into early career development, and towards a successful future;
  • make the most of opportunities and progression in your career.

Two men representing YP Buddy scheme

If you already have a place on a graduate development scheme, then your company will offer you a mentor who will be able to induct you into your new company and support you in your first few years of development.

If you are not on a graduate scheme, are working for a smaller enterprise where you do not have the support or are still considering your options, the IET can help. We are here to support you as you move from graduate to employee and can connect you to a young professional Buddy who can support you in your early career.