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Mentoring Resources: Books and Articles

Useful reading material for mentoring.

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Mentoring articles

A number of articles on mentoring are available to download. If you would like to contribute by writing an article on mentoring to be shared with others via the IET website, please contact us.

Recommended books from the IET library

Continuing Professional Development by John Lorriman
224 pages (15 July, 1997)
Institution of Electrical; Engineers; ISBN: 0852969031


Everyone Needs a Mentor by David Clutterbuck
118 pages 2nd ed (1991) Institute of Personnel and Development; ISBN: 0852924615


Skills Development for Engineers by Kevin Hoag
122 pages (2001) Institution of Electrical Engineers; ISBN: 0852969791


Genius Explained by Michael J.A. Howe
234 pages new edition (31 May, 2001) Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521008492


Blackwells Guide to Business Ethics by Norman Bowie
368 pages (31 December, 2001) Blackwell Publishers; ISBN: 0631221239


How to Use Email Effectively by Graham Jones
64 pages (March, 2002) David Grant; ISBN: 1901306305


Everyone needs a mentor by David Clutterbuck
168 pages 3rd ed (23 August, 2001)
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD); ISBN: 0852929048


The Mentoring Pocketbook by Bob Garvey, Geof Alred and Richard Smith
96 pages (February, 1998) Management Pocketbooks; ISBN: 1870471563


The Art of Mentoring by Mike Pegg
170 pages (25 March, 1999) Management Books 2000; ISBN: 1852522720


For more books, search the IET library.