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IET mentoring service

The IET mentoring service operates on a ‘by members for members’ basis providing members with the opportunity to be linked with a mentor or to become a mentor.

The mentoring service helps IET members to find a trained mentor outside the immediate workplace to help identify professional development opportunities and encourage their pursuit in engineering and technology whilst they work toward professional registration.

The IET matches mentors and mentees using a combination of geographical location, sector, specialism and desired registration category. Where a local mentor is not available, we will endeavour to make a pairing via e-mentoring.


Be Inspired - Apply for a mentor

Apply for a mentor if you need the support in working toward professional registration and in your wider career development.

We will provide you with the information you need to manage your mentoring relationship and provide training which you are are expected to undertake as part of your commitment to ensure that you understand the role of a mentor and how they can help you.

See how having a mentor helped one of the many mentees to benefit from the IET mentoring service:

Mentee case study Nicola Combe

Nicola Combe tells us why mentoring is important to her as a mentee.


Inspire Others - Apply to become a mentor

Apply to be a mentor if you think you can offer guidance and support to other members wishing to progress through their professional development.

We will provide you with the training and information to support your mentee as well as flexibility to manage your mentoring relationship(s), in return we ask that you take on at least one mentee during your first year as a mentor (though you are able to support up to three mentees if you feel that you have time) and make a commitment to a second mentee when you are ready.

See how volunteering as a mentor for the IET mentoring service has helped our mentors give a bit back to the profession:

Mentor case study: Tracy Scott

After becoming an IET fellow, Tracy made the decision to give back to the engineering community by offering her support to others working towards professional registration.

Mentoring case study: Preetam Heeramun

Preetam has been involved in both sides of the IET mentoring scheme as both a mentee and mentor.

Please note, if you are supporting mentees through your company professional development scheme you do not need to be registered with the IET.  You can encourage IET members who you are supporting to register with the IPD Service and gain support from the IET.