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Apply for an IET mentor

Mentee registration 

Mentors are useful at any stage in your career but particularly at times of rapid development or major change. They are people who will listen, challenge and help members review their progress in order to encourage them to make the most of their opportunities and progress in their careers. Mentors may have completely different backgrounds from those of the people they are helping. A mentoring relationship is likely to last some time and it is likely that several meetings will take place.

How do I register?                                        

Download the mentee registration form below.


Why register?                                              

A mentor can offer:

  • a different perspective;
  • challenges based on experience;
  • encouragement;
  • motivation;
  • help with setting goals and defining how to achieve them.

People who have used mentors in the past found mentoring has:

  • significantly influenced their attitude and professional outlook;
  • made them challenge their assumptions;
  • helped enhance their career and professional development;
  • helped them overcome obstacles and guided them round pitfalls.

How much does it cost?                            

Applying for a mentor won’t cost you a penny!

The service is provided "by members for members" – IET mentors are members who have volunteered to register and train as a mentor. All mentoring will cost you is your time – and that will be a worthwhile investment if it helps you achieve your goals.

Need more information?

  • contact your local mentoring co-ordinator;
  • access our mentoring resource;
  • attend a mentoring event.

Registration process

On receipt of your signed mentee registration form, the IET will contact you to confirm that your application has been received. The IET endeavours to link you with a suitable mentor as swiftly as possible, however, demand for the mentoring service is high and it may take a few weeks for a mentor to become available. You will be updated regularly on the progress of your application.

Linking process

Once a suitable mentor has been located, your contact details will be exchanged with your mentor so that you can make initial contact to begin your pairing and establish a successful relationship.