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IET Mentoring

The IET mentoring service provides a range of support and information to its members and to companies interested in engineering and technology.

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The IET mentoring service

A ‘by members for members’ service – apply for an IET mentor to support your initial professional development, or, apply to become a volunteer mentor and support others in achieving their goals in the engineering and technology industry.

Company mentoring schemes

Members and companies often approach the IET for guidance on in-company mentoring. The IET provide information on becoming a mentor, finding a mentor and best practice guidance on setting up company mentoring schemes.

Mentoring resources

A range of mentoring support and information  available to all IET mentors including mentor training and recommended books and articles.

Further information is also available to all members and non-members.

Young Professional Buddy scheme

A range of Buddy support and information is available including Buddy training, tips for mentees and Buddies, FAQs and employment websites.



E-mentoring gives mentees the chance to receive guidance and support from an IET volunteer mentor, when there are no mentors available within their local network and they do not have the support of a workplace mentor.