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The professional development cycle is a continuous process and it is only through reviewing your CPD that you can  move on to form suitable plans for your next steps and ensure your goals remain relevant and appropriate. 

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Reviewing your CPD has many benefits, including:

  • Refreshing your memory – reviewing your CPD activities will help you to remember key points, consolidate your learning, and to consider how much you have used in your work;
  • Keeping on track against your plans – ensuring that you are meeting your goals and haven’t forgotten anything;
  • Making sure your plan is effective – that the plan is still appropriate and relevant to your needs, and that you are moving towards your long-term goals;
  • Learning about how you learn – reviewing your activities can reveal insights about your preferred learning styles.

How often to review your CPD

It’s important to review your CPD regularly, but you may also find that you want to review your plans on an ad-hoc basis, perhaps to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. The IET recommend you review your CPD at least every six months, but you may choose to review more regularly to fit your development needs.

Reminders in your diary or Career Manager

If you followed our planning guide and set review dates, your diary should tell you when it’s time to review your CPD. If using Career Manager you will have set review dates in the system too (this functionality is expected in spring 2013).