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IPD service

Not sure where to start with CEng, IEng, EngTech or ICTTech? Register for the IPD service and start your professional registration journey.

What is Initial Professional Development (IPD)?

Professional registration requires a range of experience across a number of competence areas.  These will take time to develop and a structured approach to your development will ensure that you are able to achieve registration at the right time. The initial development period as you develop these competences is often referred to as Initial Professional Development (IPD).

If you are not sure whether to pursue professional registration, meet our members to find out how membership and professional registration have enhanced their careers.  If you are ready to make a commitment to work toward professional registration, then read what you need to get started with professional registration, complete an Intent to Register form or log into IET Career Manager and get started with your development.

How can the IET help you on your journey?

The IET support a structured approach to professional development based around a professional development cycle of planning development, undertaking activities, keeping a record of what this involved and reflect on how this has affected your practice or thinking.

The IPD team have written a number of checklists and quick guides to help support you in your development, and there is also a Career Manager quick guide available explaining how to use IET Career Manager to record your initial professional development.  It explains how you can undertake an assessment of your competence and record evidence using the online professional development system.  You can also submit an intent to register as part of your ongoing development through the system to register with the IPD Service.

Once you register with the IPD Service, you will receive regular updates from the IPD team and also have a single point of contact to answer any questions as you develop.  You will also gain access to an exclusive community locked down to those working toward professional registration and access to other online content only available to members registered with the IPD Service.

Ready to apply for professional registration?

If you have a few years of experience and think you may be ready to apply for professional registration, but aren't sure where to start then you can undertake a self assessment of your competence in Career Manager or consider your next steps. 

Supporting others on the road to professional registration ?

If you are supporting other members through the IPD journey, then there is information for those supporting candidates (such as mentors, line managers or supporters) in our supporter area.