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Initial professional development

Start your journey towards professional registration and find out how the IET can support you.

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If your goal is professional registration and you are just starting out or do not feel ready to submit an application then let us know and register your intent to receive IET support.

What is Initial Professional Development (IPD)?

The initial learning and development period toward registration, often referred to as Initial Professional Development (IPD), is an important time to build up the knowledge, skills and behaviour required of a professional engineer.  

Professional registration requires a range of experience across a number of competence areas.  These will take time to develop and a structured approach to your development will ensure that you are able to achieve registration at the right time in your career. If you are not sure whether to pursue professional registration, meet our members to find out how membership and professional registration have enhanced their careers.


Where do I start?

Getting started for professional registration.

Ready to apply?

Do you have a few years experience and want to gain professional registration but not sure where to start?

IPD guidance and checklists

Guidance for those working toward professional registration specific to their experience or background.

Supporting registration candidates

Information for those providing guidance or support to candidates working toward professional registration as a line manager, supporter or informal mentor.

How can the IET help?

The IET support a structured approach to professional development based around a professional development cycle of planning development, undertaking activities, keeping a record of what this involved and reflect on how this has affected your practice or thinking.

Candidates who are working toward professional registration can undertake an assessment of their competence and record their evidence using our online professional development system, Career Manager.  They can also submit an intent to register as part of their ongoing development through the system.