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Specification Writing

Writing an effective specification is key to a successful project delivery

Course overview 

Writing an effective specification is key to a successful project delivery. If the specification is not fit for purpose, the project will consequently fail to meet expectation with possible significant commercial consequences. An effective specification pitched correctly will ensure a successful project outcome.

Who should attend

This one-day course is aimed at anyone who has not written a specification before, or has and wants to improve their specification writing skills. It covers the end-to-end process stages (planning, compiling and editorial aspects) with practical tips on the best methodologies to apply.

Topics covered

Introduction to Specification Writing

• What are specifications, their purpose and types;
• Stages to producing a specification.

Stage 1: Planning and Preparation

• Establishing the needs of the sponsor/stakeholders and the intended recipients;
• Establishing the scope and interfaces;
• What people resources to consider / incorporate;
• What reference material resources to consider / incorporate;
• Specification structure layout and style;
• Approval and authorisation;
• Issue control and change control quality assurance.

Stage 2: Drafting

• Layout structure and style;
• Complexity and length;
• Specification language;
• Tips on pitfalls to avoid.

Stage 3: Review

• Editing tools and techniques;
• Quality assurance tips;
• Managing draft change control;
• Managing draft review consultation.

Stage 4: Issue Control

• Key requirements for issue control;
• Key requirements for specification version release record keeping.

Course objectives

• Approach the task of drafting in a systematic manner, taking into account the key steps to specification writing and the type of specification required (e.g. general or technical);
• Identify the appropriate structure for the specification, in order to communicate the requirements effectively and efficiently (e.g. what method to apply to best describe the specification content and take into account the differing needs of the owner and recipient);
• Apply the specification language in a precise and clear manner to prevent misinterpretation through vague and ambiguous text;
• Apply effective methods of specification amendment review and issue control.

Course dates and registration

Venue Dates Status  
Bristol 18 March 2015  SWCBR  Register online  Book by 18 January for early bird rate
London 13 May 2015  SWELO  Register online  Book by 13 March for early bird rate
Manchester 16 September 2015  SWIMA  Register online  Book by 16 July for early bird rate
London 26 November 2015  SWKLO  Register online  Book by 26 September for early bird rate

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Members  £495 + VAT (£99) Total £594
Non-members  £594 + VAT (£118.80) Total £712.80
Early bird booking discounts (two months in advance)
Members  £396 + VAT (£79.20) Total £475.20
Non-members  £475 + VAT (£95) Total £570

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