Successful Negotiation

Whether you are an experienced negotiator looking to brush up your skills, or negotiating is a completely new concept to you, the successful negotiation course is designed to enable you to negotiate your way to success.

Course overview

Many professional people play a part in negotiating a deal for their company, however it is not only in our professional lives that we would consider negotiating; we do this all the time. This two-day workshop is designed to give you the necessary tools to conduct negotiations with confidence to achieve a win win situation.

Who should attend

Anyone who is looking to improve their negotiation skills

Topics covered

  •  What is negotiation?
  •  Analyse your own skills within negotiations;
  •  Stages of negotiations;
  •  Preparation and planning;
  •  Roles people can play during negotiations;
  •  Different styles we can adopt during  negotiations;
  •  Trading variables;
  • Communications;
  •  Questioning and listening skills.
  •  Range of negotiation;
  •  Understanding tactics or ploys;
  •  Dealing with conflict;
  •  Sustaining the relationship;
  •  Negotiation: Practical exercise.

Course objectives

Through group-based discussion, list five key skills or attributes of a successful negotiator.
Accurately identify the five stages of the negotiation process by recalling them at the end of the session.
Through the communications exercise, correctly identify three areas of self-development in communications.
Using your workbook, correctly explain five controllable questions.
With reference to your workbook, correctly identify three methods to counteract influencing ploys.
By taking part in the negotiation activity: plan, present and through discussion achieve a win win situation for both the buyers and sellers.


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