Mentor Training

Whether you are new to mentoring or an experienced mentor hoping to refresh your skills and learn some new tips, this course will develop your ability and confidence to effectively mentor others.

Course overview

With increased pressure in our professional lives the use of mentoring has become widespread and mentors are now regarded as one of the most important sources of support and advice. This one day course aims to explore what is meant by the term mentoring and develop the key skills required to become an effective mentor. By using case studies, based on real life experiences, this will provide you tools to identify mentees needs in preparation for professional registration with the IET.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone new to mentoring, or if you are looking to refresh your skills supporting someone towards professional registration with the IET.

Topics covered

• What is mentoring
• Differences between mentoring and coaching
• Key skills of a mentor
• The stages of a mentoring process
• Communication skills
• Professional registration categories
• Competencies outlined in the UK-SPEC
• Welcome to the IET process

 Course objectives

• Analyse your current mentoring skills by using the competencies of a mentor questionnaire
• Accurately identify the three stages of the mentoring process by the end of the session
• Assess the developing competency statements to level the evidence in preparation for professional registration
• Analyse the written evidence in the case studies to assess if the candidate is ready to apply for professional registration.

Course dates and registration



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Bristol 11 April 2017 METDBR Register online book by 11 Feb for early bird rate
Glasgow 07 June 2017 METFGL Register online book by 07 April for early bird rate
London 20 September 2017 METILO Register online book by 20 July for early bird rate
Manchester 15 November 2017 METKMA Register online book by 15 Sept for early bird rate
London 06 December 2017 METLLO Register online book by 06 Oct for early bird rate

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