CMI Level 5 Extended Diploma CEng

CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership for Chartered Engineers 

Exclusive to Chartered Engineers

Available exclusively to Chartered Engineers, this customised programme has been developed as a result of mapping the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC standard for CEng registration against the CMI Level five Diploma. It provides exemption from 50 per cent of the modules required to complete the standard programme and can be completed in just six to nine months.

Entry requirements

You should have some current management experience and wish to expand your management potential and business knowledge. You must already be registered as a Chartered Engineer.

Successful completion of the diploma enables you to gain a management qualification and progress towards becoming a Chartered Manager.

Why take this route?

It is essential that businesses have the very best managers and leaders if they are to build on their success in very competitive and challenging markets. The best way to achieve this is to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need, as well as encourage them to achieve a valuable qualification to support their career progression.

The Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership programme helps managers develop the capabilities they need as well as concentrating on the practical application of the theory and principles in the job role and provides an excellent foundation for continuing development and improved performance.


Module content

Day One

Unit 5003 Performance Management and Induction

  • Be able to identify and agree performance objectives
  • Be able to assess performance and provide feedback
  • Be able to understand performance support for improvement
  • Be able to understand and apply the organisation’s disciplinary and grievance procedures

Day Two

Unit 5004 Resource Management

  • Be able to identify and plan resources needed to meet objectives;
  • Be able to select and use the resource supply chain to meet planned objectives;
  • Be able to monitor and evaluate internal and external resource use to meet plans.

Day Three

Unit 5007 Financial Control

  • Be able to understand, use and control a financial system to meet objectives;
  • Be able to identify and use a range of financial controls;
  • Be able to understand the sources and availability of finance to an organisation.

Day Four

Unit 5006 Conducting a Management Project Unit 5009 Project Development and Control

  • Be able to identify and justify a management project;
  • Be able to conduct research using sources and analyse data and options;
  • Be able to make conclusions and recommendations that achieve the project aim;
  • Be able to show and review the results of the project;
  • Be able to identify the components of project stages and lifecycle;
  • Be able to describe project methodologies and their applications;
  • Be able to develop a project plan, identify and mitigate risks and construct a monitor and review strategy.

Dates and fees

London Register online 

Induction day workshop one28 November 2014
Workshop two30 January 2015
Workshop three27 March 2015
Workshop four29 May 2015
London Register online
Induction day workshop one07 May 2015
Workshop two02 July 2015
Workshop three03 September 2015
Workshop four05 November 2015


 The cost of this course is £2,750 + vat (£550). Total £3300

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