CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership programme for Chartered Engineers

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Introducing the CMI

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the professional body for management.

The CMI is the guardian of the national management standards and:

  • offers Chartered Manager, for the ultimate recognition of professional management;
  • is an awarding body with 208 approved centres around the country delivering courses that meet quality standards for nationally recognised qualifications;
  • is a leading source of research on management and leadership;
  • runs a dedicated research department in partnership with members, government departments, and leading private organisations to establish the trends and needs of management in the UK;
  • its Management Information Centre is one of the leading centres of its kind in Europe with 70,000 printed publications, 100,000 full text management articles online, over two million full text articles in total and links to hundreds of vetted management-related websites;
  • designs and delivers training and development for thousands of managers every year.

To find out more about the CMI, please visit:

More about the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership for Chartered Engineers

Available exclusively to Chartered Engineers, this customised programme has been developed as a result of mapping the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC standard for CEng registration against the CMI Level 5 Diploma. It provides exemption from 50 per cent of the modules required to complete the standard programme and can be completed in just six to nine months.

The Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership is designed to provide a firm foundation in management education and is aimed at more senior managers as it represents the next step from the Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management.

The programme provides broad-based, practical learning providing you with important ideas, techniques and competences that will improve your effectiveness, boost your performance and enhance your career prospects.

The qualification you will achieve

On successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership by the CMI. This is a degree level management qualification and will give you entry onto the Level 7 Executive Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership which is a direct route to an MBA. In addition, completion of the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership allows you entry onto the Chartered Manager Award. During the programme you will have the opportunity to discuss opportunities for further development.

Why take this route?

It is essential that businesses have the very best managers and leaders if they are to build on their success in very competitive and challenging markets. The best way to achieve this is to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need, as well as encourage them to achieve a valuable qualification to support their career progression.

The Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership programme helps managers develop the capabilities they need as well as concentrating on the practical application of the theory and principles in the job role and provides an excellent foundation for continuing development and improved performance.

Entry requirements

Participants embarking on the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership for Chartered Engineers should have some current management experience and wish to expand their management potential and business knowledge. All participants must already be registered as a Chartered Engineers.

Programme structure and assessment requirements

The programme comprises:

  • Four one day workshops at IET London: Savoy Place (includes induction);
  • Four modules of self study following the workshops;
  • Completion of an assessed learning log for each module;
  • A work related project of approximately 5000 words;
  • Two work based assignments of approximately 3000 words.

The modules included in the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership for Chartered Engineers are:

Module 1Induction combined with Unit 5003 Performance management30 hours
Module 2Unit 5007 Financial control30 hours
Module 3Unit 5004 Resource management25 hours
Module 4(two units combined) 
 Unit 5006 Conducting a management project35 hours
 Unit 5009 Project development and control (group C)20 hours

In addition, you will have the opportunity to review your particular development needs and factor in to the programme opportunities to develop additional skills and knowledge. A tutor from the CMI will be assigned to each programme and it is their role to facilitate the workshops, mark the assignments and, most importantly, be available to provide you with advice during the workshops.

You will be expected to work closely with your line manager to ensure that each assignment is relevant to your business and that you are given opportunities to develop your skills in the workplace.

Your line manager will be expected to support your through the learning programme by giving coaching and agreeing time off work to attend the workshops.

You will automatically become a student member of the CMI and have access to the institute’s Management Information Centre. With over 70,000 printed publications, 100,000 full text management articles online and over two million full text articles in total and links to hundreds of vetted management related websites, this is one of the leading centres of its kind in Europe.

The programme will appeal to all learning styles and is designed to bring about real learning and real performance development in the workplace.

An overview of the programme modules are given below:

Unit 5003 Performance Management

  • Be able to identify and agree performance objectives;
  • Be able to assess performance and provide feedback;
  • Be able to understand performance and support for improvement;
  • Be able to understand and apply the organisation’s disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Unit 5007 Financial Control

  • Be able to understand, use and control a financial system to meet objectives;
  • Be able to identify and use a range of financial controls;
  • Be able to understand the sources and availability of finance to an organisation.

Unit 5004 Resource Management

  • Be able to identify and plan resources needed to meet objectives;
  • Be able to select and use the resource supply chain to meet planned objectives;
  • Be able to monitor and evaluate internal and external resource use to meet plans.

Unit 5006 Conducting a Management Project

  • Be able to identify and justify a management project;
  • Be able to conduct research using sources and analyse data and options;
  • Be able to make conclusions and recommendations that achieve the project aim;
  • Be able to show and review the results of the project.

Unit 5009 Project Development and Control

  • Be able to identify the components of project stages and lifecycle;
  • Be able to describe project methodologies and their applications;
  • Be able to develop a project plan, identify and mitigate risks and construct a monitor and review strategy.

Time required to complete the programme

The duration of the programme is six to nine months. Over this period, there are four one day workshops to attend. In addition, you will need to undertake some research and background reading, as well as complete two work-based assignments of approximately 3000 words, one work-based project of approximately 5000 words, and a learning log for each module.

On average this will require individual learning and action-based learning of about four to six hours per week. Given that the assignments are work-based, these should form part of the development objectives you agree with your line manager.

Workshop attendance

Attendance at the workshops is an integral and obligatory step towards achieving the diploma. If in exceptional circumstances you are unable to attend a workshop, then you will need to notify the IET so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Receiving feedback on your work

You will receive feedback at the end of each assignment, usually within three weeks of submitting your paper. In addition, you will receive feedback on a continual basis throughout the programme and your course tutor is on hand at workshops to give you advice and support.

Failing an assignment

It is very unusual to fail an assignment if you have completed the module and worked closely with your tutor. There should be no surprises. However, you do have the opportunity to resubmit and, should you fail a second time, you will be given the option of completing another assignment. It is unusual for people who have applied themselves to fail.

Withdrawing from the programme

If there are unforeseen circumstances that make it impossible for you to continue on the programme, then you will need to discuss this with your line manager. Any request for withdrawal from the programme must be approved by your line manager. Please notify the IET as soon as possible if you need to withdraw from the programme.

Additional costs

There are no specific additional costs, as you will have access to online resources and articles as well as web based resources through the CMI study resource centre. Workshops are included in the fee. However, travel and accommodation costs are not included in the fee.

Course materials

Each module is supported by a Pathways workbook and in addition you will be provided with a Participants Guide at the start of the programme.

Measuring your progress

Your progress through the programme will be measured by successful completion of assignments and specific objectives and tasks in the programme which are linked to your learning. Ultimately your achievement will be measured in terms of the benefits to the business of your projects and the award of the Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Extending the assessment period

If you do not complete the programme within 12 months from the date of registration, you will be able to apply for extended assessment subject to a fee of £40 per month payable to the IET. Every effort will be made to ensure continuity of the programme leader but this cannot be guaranteed.

The Chartered Manager award

Awarded by CMI, Chartered Manager is not a qualification, but a unique award recognising a truly professional manager. The process will demonstrate the impact an individual has within their organisation and their ongoing commitment to continuous professional development.

The Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership can be combined with the award of Chartered Manager which would normally involve the following steps:

  • A self and peer group appraisal reflecting on the use of essential management skills in day to day work;
  • Submission of a continuing professional development (CPD) record showing how management skills have been developed and kept up to date;
  • A demonstration of how leadership and change management skills have been used to achieve significant business impact;
  • A panel interview.

By integrating Chartered Manager with the diploma, delegates will receive exemption from the continuing professional development (CPD) and business impact elements of the award.

Next steps

If you think the programme is right for you, please complete the booking form and submit it to the IET. It is advised that you discuss the programme with your line manager before booking your place on the programme.