Career Manager frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions to assist you when using Career Manager v3

What is a Professional Registration Assessment?

This is a self assessment tool to help you determine your readiness to apply for professional registration. You can record evidence against the UK-SPEC or ICTTech professional registration frameworks with the aid of levelled guidance and then use this as a basis to set objectives and actions under My Development.

Why is my Professional Registration Assessment not included as part of my application?

The process for applying for professional registration is a separate process to initial professional development (IPD). Your application for professional registration is based on your 'Responsibilities' and 'Personal Achievements' gained through employment experience. It is important that this contains sufficient detail for each job role to illustrate personal duties that demonstrate the necessary examples of competence. This content is best described in a CV format and using first person active verbs like 'I designed', 'I analysed' etc. The wording should make clear particular tasks, duties and responsibilities that underpin your competence development.

Where do I record my volunteering experience?

You can record volunteer experience in two places in v3. This can either be recorded in your employment section or as a CPD activity under My Development. If you are preparing a CV of applying for professional registration. we would recommend that you record this under employment so that it shows on relevant reporting. If you are already registered and are recording your CPD, particularly for the IET's CPD opt-in scheme, then we would recommend that you record this as an activity which you can record hours and reflection against.

I have not consulted a Professional Registration Advisor but this is a mandatory field in the checklist, how do I progress my application?

The IET strongly advise that all candidates speak to a Professional Registration Advisor (PRA) prior to submitting an application, however you are still able to progress your application by selecting "No" in response to "Have you spoken to a PRA?"

What supporting documents are required for my application?

An accountability diagram is mandatory and can now be uploaded as a document. Your up-to-date accountability diagram should contain the following:

  • Two or three levels of authority above your post (which should be indicated by an arrow), and any staff that report to you.
  • Any professionally registered members of the IET or similar professional bodies, noting their category of membership and registration.

If you have changed your job within the last three years, please include an accountability diagram for your previous post together with the relevant date(s) in the same file.

I previously entered my training into Career Manager but the duration has not been migrated. Why is this?

In v2 of Career Manager the duration field in training was a free text field, therefore scripts have been run to migrate the duration of training into hours in v3. There may be some anomalies in this depending how the previous information was recorded in v2. This can be overwritten in the new system and CPD hours can also be added for recording as part of the new CPD opt-in scheme.

I had nominated supporters for my Intent to Register in v2. Is this information still required?

No, information for supporters is now available on the Supporting Candidates page.

I have previously archived competence assessments in v2. Have these been migrated to v3?

No, as previously alerted in the Data Migration FAQs, archived assessments and associated verification have not been migrated to v3.

I have logged into v3 and noticed there is a blank field on my Education section labelled "Qualification," what does this mean?  

This is a new field which allows you to select the appropriate type from a drop down list. This list covers the majority of qualifications, however if yours is not listed this can be left blank and the qualification type included in the course description.

If you are an existing user of v2 then you may also have noticed that “Grade” has been re labelled to “Classification” which is a free text field. Any existing information will have been migrated to this field..

I had recorded my volunteering under "Other Professional Experience in v2, where has this information been migrated?

This information has been migrated to “Achievements” in v3. Volunteering and other types of professional experience can now be recorded as a CPD activity under “My Development.”

I have tried to join my IET accredited scheme on Career Manager is not available. How do I join this?

We are in the process of contacting scheme coordinators to set up the new scheme functionality. You will be contacted when this functionality is available.