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Essential work skills

Information on assessing your current skill set and interpersonal skills, devising an action plan and networking for career progression.

A row of people with their arms crossed There are a number of skills which are required in any job role, whether you are working in a technical field or not. These skills can be developed and transferred to new positions as you progress in your career.  In order to ascertain which skills you have and which you need, you should assess yourself regularly and set new objectives. You can also develop skills through networking with other like-minded engineers and technologists.


Managing your career - development advice

Manage your career to ensure you possess the most relevant skills and stay ahead in the employment market.

IET Lifeskills workshops

Short, interactive workshops on a range of key skills to help you get ahead in your professional life – ideal for young professionals and those moving into roles that require new skills.

IET professional development courses

Let us support your professional development through our range of training courses.


How to survive the first 100 days in a job

Tips on preparing yourself for the start of a new job; making the most of the induction process and leaving a great first impression.


Planning your next career steps

If you have analysed your current skill set it’s now time to start look at the next steps you can take towards career progression.


Networking skills

Expert advice on networking and how it can significantly aid your career development.


Interpersonal skills

Good interpersonal skills are essential to a successful engineering career.