Making a job application

Information about CV writing, application forms, covering letters, interviews and selection tests.

Two CVs next to a keyboard We take a look at CV writing, how to approach job application forms and covering letters and offer advice on preparing for interviews and selection tests.


Writing a CV

Expert advice on how to write a successful CV.


CV dos and don'ts

CV writing advice: what you should - and shouldn’t  - put on your CV.


CV formats

Information about the main formats of a CV - the chronological, functional, targeted and performance formats, as well as advice on how students and new graduates should format their CV.


Application form top tips

Expert advice on how to sell your skills on a job application form.


Covering letter advice

When you apply for a job, you should always include a covering letter with your application. A covering letter provides you with an opportunity to promote yourself to an employer and present your application in context.


Interview preparation advice

Expert advice on how to prepare for a job interview.


Introduction to selection tests

Information and advice on tests used during the job recruitment and selection process.