Meet the members - Moses Adesulu

Self-starter Adesulu took a chance on an emerging technology in his home country of Nigeria. Taking control of his own professional development he’s built himself a successful career, making the most of the IET’s services remotely.

In a sense, Moses Adesulu’s electronics career began by “accident”. He originally wanted to go to university to study architecture however that was not to be. Exam results didn’t suit the course and so he was offered a place on an Engineering Physics (Electronics) BTech course.

He discovered his passion during his second year, where experiments with radio transmitters allowed him to see some of the fun that one could have in the industry, as well as the chance to become part of a profession that he sees to be “dynamic and developing all the time”.

Opportunity knocks

Once completing university he chose to take his future into his own hands. With no predetermined career path to follow, he went out and researched where the opportunities lay.

“At that time I was told that instrumentation and control was an area only just beginning to grow, and that there were many job openings in that sector. I took on a job as an instrument engineer at the Cadbury Nigeria PLC; this was after a brief stint as a broadcast engineer. Close to two decades I’ve worked my way up the company’s career ladder,” Adesulu explains.

“It’s been a true adventure for me,” he continues. “The department had only just started at that time (1990) so I had the opportunity to grow with it and I championed its development, along with my own career. Both it, and myself, are well-known within the company now.”

As a member of an entirely new department within the company, Adesulu found that there wasn’t much professional development support available to him at Cadbury, but that didn’t hinder him. Adesulu simply took control of his own advancements, researching what courses he could do to improve his position, going on to achieve an MSc in Microprocessor and Control Engineering and he continues to further his education even today.


Over time his focus has turned to project management and he now works as the company’s engineering projects manager for West Africa. The company supported his development into this area and he also put himself through specific courses aimed at aiding his skills in this area. This he has achieved by gaining the PMP certification from the Project Management Institute, USA.

Throughout his career, Adesulu has found the IET’s support invaluable, even though he’s far from our UK base. He’s keen to show fellow members that you are supported wherever you’re globally based and that he took advantage of the IET’s online portal.

Making the most of IET services

“When I began my career was the time I started to regularly go onto the IET’s website. There are so many things I can do on there. I became an active member of Nigeria section quite quickly, and took part in many programmes and events for local members. It’s simply what you make of the opportunity,” he explains.

“I also found the magazine subscriptions very useful. Whilst I was working on my MSc, many of the articles I read helped me with my studies. Coupled with the articles available on the website, I have to say IET membership has helped me immensely.

“I’ve used both close to home and remote support and services over the years. I also took advantage of an IET mentor when I first began to consider applying for Chartered status,” Adesulu adds.

The risks pay off

Moses Adesulu is a shining example of how best to search out and grab opportunities. He’s taken risks throughout his career, starting way back with his first steps into engineering education.

Making the most of everything that comes his way, he’s taken advantage of all that’s available to him from colleague support and networking opportunities through to educational courses, IET services and mentor support. He’s proof that anything’s possible if you’re willing to work hard.