Case studies

An insight into those working in engineering and technology; the paths to get there and the challenges they face in their current roles.

Meet the members - Dr Ebrahim Mattar

Dr Ebrahim Mattar has followed an academic career and is currently working hard towards his professorship and IET Fellow status. He enjoys the world of research, having published many papers on robotics, lectures at the University of Bahrain and is an active volunteer.


Meet the members - Elmer Moncada

With a dream of becoming an electrical engineer, Elmer moved from Spain to the UK with little experience, qualifications or money and no English. Working at hotels and restaurants to earn enough money, he took English classes and went on to complete a degree. His dream is now reality and he’s held consultant engineer roles in both London and Doha, Qatar.


Meet the members - Janice Man

Janice has carved herself out a successful international career as an engineering contractor. Her main challenges have included dealing with cultural differences and the bouts of unemployment that can come with self-employment.


Meet the members - Hisham Rojoa

Engineering entrepreneur Hisham runs several companies in Mauritius. He’s overcome many issues in building his businesses, including finding funding, but enjoys the challenge of working as both a business owner and a hands-on engineer.


Meet the members - Hugh Peterken

In a global career that has spanned continents Peterken's continuous professional develop has allowed him to work his way up the career ladder from apprenticeship through management to the dizzying heights of becoming head of information systems for the Red Cross. Up for a new challenge, he’s now taking a leap into IT contracting.


Meet the members - Rehan Farooq

There and back again – the tale of the engineer who returned to the fold.


Meet the members - Paul Farthing

Having faced redundancy and ill-fitting employment, Farthing struggled on to find success as a self-employed consultant, currently working at AMEC on a 12 month rolling contract as a senior electrical, control and instrumentation engineer.

Meet the members - Bob McDonald

A go-getter, McDonald’s used his own initiative to gain work placements as far afield as India, helping him gain a place on the IET’s Power Academy, and opening doors into the sector.


Meet the members - Derek Farman

Successfully educating himself part-time for almost ten years, this initiative-grabbing engineer will soon achieve his final goals, having made himself highly employable and able to choose from a number of industries with high-income opportunities.


Meet the members - Moses Adesulu

Self-starter Adesulu took a chance on an emerging technology in his home country of Nigeria. Taking control of his own professional development he’s built himself a successful career, making the most of the IET’s services remotely.


Meet the members - Dan Evans

Dan shows that you can veer from “traditional” routes and still achieve CEng. With support from a professional registration advisor (PRA), he’s now close to achieving the final competencies he needs for application.


Meet the members - Professor Ian McLoughlin

Over 22 years, McLoughlin’s career has included work on three continents, for multinationals, big and small industries, charities, consultancies and academia. He’s written books, built technical systems, become fluent in foreign languages and presented to presidents and prime ministers.


Meet the members - Thomas Hlaing

With a manufacturing engineering degree under his belt, Hlaing took the fast track to success via the Rolls-Royce Graduate Scheme.