Benefits of taking a career break

A career break allows you to develop both personally and professionally.

The word experience highlighted on a page Taking a career break can be a way of enhancing your personal and professional development. Employees who have had a career break often return with a more positive outlook and enhanced skill set.

Gain new skills

A career break may be a deliberate choice or be the result of something unforeseen. You may have spent months thinking about going abroad for a while and choose a career break as a way of having the time to dedicate to this. It can often lead to you having skills that others may not have, such as having experience of dealing with a wider variety of people and having to make unusual decisions.

Return more experienced

Even if you take time off to have a child or to spend time with your family, you will learn and develop skills such as multi-tasking and time management. If you need to suddenly take time off to care for an elderly relative, the experience of responding well to a crisis will add to the skills which you can bring back to the workplace.  Whatever the experience, you are likely to return to work revived and with a fresh outlook.