Welcome from the Chairman of the Americas Regional Board

Steve Mustard

Welcome to the Americas Region website. We represent the IET’s operations in USA, Canada, Central and South America, the outlying islands and Greenland. Started in June 2009, the Americas Regional Board (ARB) meets on a regular basis in various locations around the Americas region to discuss issues and opportunities for the development and delivery of the IET’s products and services in the region. 

The ARB reports the IET’s Global Operations Board which brings together all regional boards to collect and address all issues and identify best practice that can be deployed across all regions.

The IET has been working on developing and implementing a strategy for various areas of its global operation and one of these is North America. Members across the region have been contacted to collect views about what the IET should be doing and how it should be doing it here and we hope to see the results of the discussions and deliberations early in 2010.

The ARB hopes that all of us in the region can work together to achieve more for members in the region at large. Thank you for your support to date with the ARB and I am looking forward to having your continual participation and support in ARB activities in the coming future.

Eur Ing Steve Mustard
Americas Regional Board