Communities Committee EMEA

The Communities Committee EMEA  is an operational Committee, responsible for all IET activities in the EMEA Region. It forms part of the IET governance structure which you can read more about in the governance area of the web site, the current terms of reference for the committee can also be found in that area.


Local Networks in the EMEA Region
The EMEA Region includes all countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, except UK, which forms its own region. Currently there are 24 local networks within EMEA, of which 17 are actively organising events. Four of the networks within EMEA are joint groups that we support in partnership with other Institutions. There are areas of development and opportunity throughout the region, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, but we are also keen to revitalise activity in some areas within central Europe where things have become dormant over recent years. We are very keen to support volunteers to deliver activity in new areas, and in time potentially these active groups could become new local networks. 

We need help from IET volunteers throughout EMEA so that we can ensure that the focus of the committee is aligned to the needs of the profession and the IET members in the region. Please get in touch with us with your ideas, hopes, and challenges.

CC-EMEA Members
The CC-EMEA is comprised of IET members from across the region who have a variety of skills and experience. Within our skill set we have experience of running local networks, delivering young professional activity, and advising on professional registration. We have individuals with academic experience, business experience, and experience of studying, living and working across a variety of disciplines in every area of our region. For further information please visit our committee members page