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Topic Title: E&T Magazine
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Created On: 20 December 2012 03:28 PM
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 20 December 2012 03:28 PM
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Posts: 4
Joined: 23 April 2008

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize!

When the E&T got its present layout some years ago (I forget when), did anybody actually ASK the readers what they thought of the layout to be adopted?

Of all the magazines I read or browse in a month, say, which typically include the New Scientist, Steam Railways, Practical Classics and Guitarist Magazine, I'm afraid to say that E&T definitely has the worst layout ever!

Take the so-called Page Plan page. Whoever thought that this incomprehensible mismatch of arrows and squares could replace a Contents page?

Take the World News page. Another jumble of squares crammed with text. In fact, I believe one issue a while back had the colours so mismatched (was it black on blue, or vice versa? I don't remember precisely, just my reaction to it!) that apart from the layout, it was totally unreadable.

Take any article of length--in the current issue, my magazine is open at the moment in the Debate section, p26/27. Two pages of three columns each with closely spaced text like a wall of words with no spaces between paragraphs. You've really got to WANT to read the articles to put the effort in to read them.

It's almost as if the magazine is constantly trying to push across too much information in too small a space! Maybe it was always thus. (I don't have any back issues from the seventies so I can't say with certainty.)

Surely I'm not the only IET member who thinks that the E&T magazine has a serious readibility problem? Look at any of the four magazines I mentioned above, or indeed others in a magazine shop's racks, and see how easy it is to read those magazines. Then come back to E&T. If E&T were on sale in the shops, there would be zero sales!

Do we engineers not deserve a decent magazine to read about our chosen profession? Come on, E&T, please adopt a better layout! If you can't design a decent layout yourself, then copy the New Scientist layout. That works for me!
 21 December 2012 03:49 PM
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Joined: 13 October 2008

I was sorry to hear that you are disatisfied with the design in E&T. We have asked members about this and tried to incorporate their feedback. For instance we got a strong perference for the current grid style contents page over a more traditional layout. Readers also asked for a more graphical representation of information and we have tried to reflect this.
As we aim to continually develop and improve we'll look at the other titles you mention.
Best regards

Amanda Weaver
Publishing Director
tel: +44 1438 765574
 07 March 2013 10:04 PM
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Posts: 100
Joined: 16 April 2002

Well said DocJon.

The Contents page of E&T is just impossible to "visually scan". However, it is really no loss. On the occasions I've actually looked through the page I have found nothing that is engineering and nothing that is technology so it goes directly on a pile until the annual clear out.

On the train the other day I had a thought about how many devices there are today for which I have no idea how they really work. (Like, can I explain it to a youngster) This, for me, is serious and I'm sure it wouldn't have happened with the magazines that we received previously. Articles in E&T are so low tech as to be useless for serious study.

That's a personal opinion. Anyone (other than publishing staff) can feel free to put me back on track if you wish.

Mike Wrigley
Past Chairman, French Network
 22 June 2013 11:37 AM
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Joined: 10 November 2012

I would like to know when is the Android app coming out and will all the available magazine be on the andriod magazine version.
The Ipad version has been around for some time which is a good thing for ipad users. But the magazine has not taken into the fact there is more andriod user out there and many more to come.
Have stopped my paper version off all magazine to do my bit in reducing waste since only about 10-20% of my paper magazine I read.
I constantly check to see any update on the andriod version with no luck for the last year approximately, I also check all apps that I use to read digital magazine to see if IET has published via once again no joy.
I hope I dont go another year without.
I hope that when we do get a version fingers crossed it will contain not just all available magazine but also the forum all in one nice package.
 22 June 2013 11:33 PM
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Posts: 4646
Joined: 06 May 2002

I'm afraid to say that I rarely pick it up, and when I do its contents are nothing I didn't know about ages before. My kids read it more than I do.

EUR ING Graham Kenyon CEng MIET TechIOSH
Principal and Proprietor,
G Kenyon Technology

 23 June 2013 02:55 PM
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Posts: 1771
Joined: 10 October 2007

Well at least we know who's got smart kids.
 07 July 2013 09:03 PM
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Posts: 5
Joined: 07 November 2002

Sometimes you get a good issue. But let me go through it:
- Unfunny cartoon by Kipper Williams: please, please, please, just get rid of it. Never funny, never clever or witty or even postmodernist, just a waste of space, money and time which never fails to wind me up.
- The Teardown: well, an electronic gadget has RAM, ROM and a CPU. Who'd have thought it? Couldn't care less
- Software Reviews: I just don't care. I don't do "apps".
- e&tCetera: I think I saw one amusing picture on that page once. Otherwise, load of nonsense.
- The Eccentric Engineer: Yeah, now we're talking. This is always a good read.
- Thinking Cap: No. I have no desire to solve stupid riddles
- Jack's Blog: I like this
- After All: I always read this too.
 27 February 2014 06:20 PM
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Posts: 4
Joined: 15 April 2002

With the first few issues of E&T, I was so disappointed and annoyed with its non-technical level of content, I seriously considered not renewing my membership of the IET. E&T is NOT a technical magazine for engineers, whatever its directors, editors, writers etc. might think. It is more like a comic, with engineering-related subjects. The earlier journals were better (Electronics & Power, Computer and Control Engineering Journal, IEE Review). If anybody is thinking of replying something like "It's aimed at a more general, less specialist, readership", I say "That is not the solution, it is the problem. Engineers are not afraid of graphs, numbers, diagrams, even a few equations, and an IET magazine for them should have such technical content, and not be a comic."
Of course, hardly anybody will even see this forum topic because if you visit the first "Forums" page, it is far from obvious that this forum exists.

Oliver Walter, MIET<BR>Engineer and Translator
 27 February 2014 06:57 PM
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Posts: 521
Joined: 14 September 2010

owalter - spot on.

My girlfried receives the BMJ, which I also read, and the difference between the BMJ and E&T is vast.

The BMJ has academic-appropriate content, including research papers on relevent topics. The E&T does not.

The E&T, academically and technically, is about the same level as STUFF magazine; however, unlike STUFF there are often technical and conceptual errors and the writing is poorer.
 28 February 2014 09:03 AM
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Posts: 29
Joined: 13 October 2008

For members looking for more academic content than that provided in E&T the IET publishes 26 technical journals. These can be accessed on the IET Digital Library using Knowledge Packs
There is also a wealth of technical information available in the Virtual Library
We are working on the development of an online resource of technical papers of a similar level to those which appeared in the predecessor magazines to E&T - the first content will be available in late 2014 - if you would like to know more or be involved please contact me.

Amanda Weaver
Publishing Director
tel: +44 1438 765574
 28 February 2014 05:45 PM
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Posts: 100
Joined: 18 January 2003

Since you now seem intent on charging members for anything worthwhile, can we at least have the cost of E&T deducted from our subscriptions so we can use the money to pay for the better stuff.

You're even charging by the article for the ones we already got free.

And how many engineers do you think would opt to take E&T if they were actually given a choice where they could pay less if they didn't have it?

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
 03 March 2014 11:05 AM
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Posts: 1
Joined: 14 September 2011

I can confirm that IET membership continues to include free access to knowledge content in the form of the IET's Virtual Library which is an electronic resource consisting of thousands of online e-books, e-journals, magazines and reports at There are many other free to access knowledge sources such as, the IET's Prestige Lectures and our recently launched E&T webinar and whitepaper programmes

We have also just announced a new IET membership benefit in the form of 'Knowledge Packs', which entitles all our members to 5 free credits to access any of the IET Digital Library's 190,000 technical documents, as well as the option to buy additional packs of 25 credits for just £25 at 'Knowledge Packs' have been designed specifically with IET members in mind in order to improve access to valuable content and this new benefit was validated by an IET membership survey.

Kind regards,

James McLoughlin
Head of Knowledge Marketing
Tel: +44 (0)7725 498128
 04 March 2014 05:38 PM
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Posts: 521
Joined: 14 September 2010

Fair point - but I suggest that the library resources and the magazine are two different things for two different purposes.

Apart from the hardcore nerds, not many people will download a technical paper from the library for some light reading on the train or in their lunch break. Such resources (and I do use them) are for specific investigations into a particular task or project.

The magazine, on the other hand, is a an attractive format for picking up and browsing for half an hour here or there.

So, I again bring the comparison with the BMJ. This magazine gives doctors an academic-appropriate read. It has all the bite-size news bits that the E&T has; but is also has more technical sections, including academic papers. It understands that the readership is interested in such content, and that readership expects content that is written at a higher academic level than they can find on the shelves of WHSmith.

Mostly, the E&T magazine is at a lower level than we can find on the shelves of WHSmith (its nearer STUFF (but less interesting) than it is Scientific American, for example).

I stand by the comments that the E&T needs a broader range of academic content. Many engineers are brighter than the IET thinks they are; and those of us that are not would welcome an educational magazine.
 05 March 2014 07:53 PM
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Posts: 1918
Joined: 28 May 2002

Since this thread seems to be "live" I hope I'll be forgiven for raising again points I've previously raised elsewhere:

As a member of the Chartered Management Institute I get two magazines from them which give me excellent general guidance in developing and improving as a manager. PLEASE could E&T take some leaves out of their book (magazine?) and include more - far more - articles on developing and improving as an engineer. Not so much the technical side, the IETs remit is now so huge that it cannot hope to provide content on deeply technical issues that is relevant to all of us, but there is much more to practicing as an engineer than that. Random example ideas:

- CE compliance process
- Managing meetings effectively
- Writing an early career CV
- Writing a late career CV
- Understanding product liability
- Effective teleworking
- Team working styles
- Using sub-contract design
- Caveats for simulation tools
- Trends in reliability testing
- How to work with sales staff to win sales
- Planning your career path
- Moving into consultancy

Don't just answer these by pointing to case studies. To be any use the magazine needs to be turned around from "this company built this wizzo thing, this guy made that wacko thing" to "here is something you can use today, and here is something else you can use throughout your career".

Hope this helps - it's meant to be constructive!

Andy Millar CEng MIET CMgr MCMI

"The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress." Joseph Joubert

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