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July 30, 2013
IET Library open for business at One Birdcage Walk
The IET building at Savoy Place has now closed for an extensive refurbishment that is expected to take around 2 years. While this is taking place the IET will be maintaining a London presence at the IMechE building at 1 Birdcage Walk and the members' library is an important part of this.

Based within the IMechE Library, we are providing a separate enquiry desk for queries from IET members, computer terminals with full access to the same range of electronic resources that we enjoyed at Savoy Place and a selection of books and journals focussing on the most up to date and frequently borrowed items. We will be continuing to offer the same overall range of services including postal loans, help with research enquiries and a document supply service.

However, there will be some changes of which users should be aware. As we are now sharing premises with the IMechE library, we only have a fraction of the space we had at Savoy place, and so a large proportion of our stock will now be held in off-site storage. We are putting procedures in place so that we are able to recall items from storage on demand to keep our entire collection accessible, but we will no longer have immediate access to all our holdings. This will obviously mean that it may take us a little longer to be able to send out postal loans and process document supply requests. If you wish to visit the library to view or borrow a specific item it is now highly advisable to contact us in advance to check availability and give us time to order items in if necessary.

As well as being a shared space, the IMechE library is somewhat smaller than our reading room at Savoy Place so please be aware that there there may be less desk space in which to work, especially at busy times. Finally, we will no longer be operating a bookshop selling IET publications. These can be purchased online We will continue to sell Members' and Fellows' Ties, but no other merchandise will be available.

In 2 years we expect to be moving back to a new, purpose built library area on the 3rd floor of Savoy Place. In the meantime, we welcome visitors to our temporary base at the IMechE. If you have any queries regarding the library move, or our services in general, please email us at or call us on 020 7344 5461

Written by Ted Kemp

Edited: 30 July 2013 at 03:41 PM by Mike Dunne


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