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March 8, 2013
40 e-books on Measurement


IET members may access online at any time the full texts of some 40 books on measurement, instrumentation and sensors.  This is a free service to members available through the IET Virtual Library.

This specialist technical information resource is useful for study and work.  In particular there are a number of handbooks which give an overview of subject basics, design guides, construction and application details.

One example of such a handbook is that by Jacob Fraden’s “Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications”  .The third edition published in 2004 is available in the IET Virtual Library’s Knovel e-books collection  There are 600 pages of material in total.  Chapters on sensor characteristics, physical principles of sensing, optical components of sensors and interface electronic circuits, are followed by twelve chapters on sensors for specific measurement quantities.  A final chapter on sensor materials and technologies covers surface processing and nanotechnology.  The 25 appendices provide lots of data on materials and devices.  Each chapter has a list of references.

A full up-to-date overview of measurement science and technology has recently been written by IET Vice President and Trustee Barry Jones, Emeritus Professor of Manufacturing Metrology, Brunel University, The three articles appear in the May 2013 issue of the journal Measurement and Control available in the IET Library.

Members and non-members can now join the new IET International Measurement Community on the MyCommunity platform.  This contains a list of the 40 e-books on Measurement.


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