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May 14, 2012
Items found in library books

Cross stitch bookmark fround in an IET library book.As a long term member of staff, I have now been working in the IET/IEE Library for over 21 years and in that time we have had numerous items either left in books on return or items used as books marks. Most of the items we find we try and locate the owner and reunite them with the items they have misplaced.


The funniest item was a 1960’s seaside tongue in cheek postcard, with a naughty lady in her swim suit and a man licking an ice cream, with a bubble balloon message. I shall leave the rest to your imagination; this was obviously used as a book mark. After we had passed it around the office, it went in the recycle bin as no member of staff would own up to wanting it!


About 10 years ago we found a pretty handmade cross stitch bookmark from mother to daughter, it was really beautiful with a poignant message, “To Kathy with love mummy. You are always with me wherever you go” we tried to find the owner of this, but were unsuccessful.


Bank statements, credit card receipts, bills to be paid have all found the original owners and no longer clutter up inside our books.


As an in-house project we have been cataloguing our pre-1980’s books kept in our Basement area. In one of the books we found a 1940’s Bus ticket, from Putney Bridge to Cheam costing 3d, it was in perfect condition and had been punched by the ticket inspector. We were able to locate a collector on the Internet of bus tickets and we sent this to him for his collection. If you would like to view some of his collection, see his Vintage Bus Tickets website 


Of course if you would like to borrow any of our books and/or not leave us a surprise inside on its return, please follow this link to our online library catalogue, it will open a world of knowledge for you.


Written by: Dawn White, Senior Library Assistant, IET Library.


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